Safety Protocols for COVID-19

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Please note that Safety Protocols have been implemented for all in-person training sessions with the Kamloops Long Blades and these measures will be strictly enforced at all times. Please refer to the Return to Practice document that was sent to your inbox for more detailed information but the following will be adhered to at all times for all skaters attending the summer sessions (currently only offered to older skaters at this time):

  • The Kamloops Long Blades – Participant Agreement must be signed individually by each person that will be in attendance, even if not participating. For example, all siblings, other family members or friends that will be accompanying the skater to practice
  • The online Wellness Survey must be filled out and submitted prior to each practice, no exceptions!
  • Equipment will not be supplied nor shared. For example, you must bring your own mats, stretch bands, towels, inline skates, personal protective equipment, etc.
  • Skaters must sanitize their hands immediately before entering the field for dryland or the parking lot for inline skating.
  • Skaters must sanitize their hands upon exiting the field or parking lot


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